Chapter 1: The Passenger’s Tale

Our eyes locked as she slipped me the nalepka for February, and I knew I’d never ride the bus alone again…. Ljubljana, 4 February 2000 Mesecnik. The fuzzy purple jacket, the matching puffy hat hovering over a teenaged yet world-weary face. They pop up out of nowhere like magic mushrooms after a Balkan downpour: in … Continue reading Chapter 1: The Passenger’s Tale



Za vse šmajke, kulerje, piflarje, rokerje, tipe in bejbe, rejverje, skejtarje, bajkarje, darkerje, pankse, za vse zaljubljene in ne, za normalneže in odbitke… — ad for the Verba Language School in Ljubljana Call me mesecnik. My name is Anja. I am a mesecnik — OK, mesecnica — and proud of it. I’m good at my … Continue reading CHAPTER 2: I, MESEČNIK (ANJA’S TALE BEGINS)


So what, you ask, happened to everyone? Anja Krajnc (our intrepid mesečnica) went back to school and graduated from the Fakulteta za arhitecturo (Faculty of Architecture) of the University of Ljubljana in 2005. She continued graduate studies in architectural and urban design, with special emphasis on means and methods of urban mass transportation. Mag. Andrej … Continue reading Epilogue